Indy REC - a partnership between IRN and IAIC


Indy REC is a Recovery Engagement Center open to everyone – offering inclusive individual recovery coaching sessions, groups, fun social activities, and events.

Our Mission:

Indy REC provides a safe space with no-barrier access to peer recovery support services for all community members regardless of the chosen pathway to recovery, or where an individual is in their recovery journey.

Our Vision:

Indy REC envisions a future where all individuals have access to recovery support services without barriers, free from stigma, and increased acceptance that change is possible. 

Connection is more important than ever, especially on the heels of COVID and the isolation it caused. Indy REC is a place people can get connected to those who have been there before and provide resources no matter where a person is at on their journey. 

Getting well is much more detailed than just treatment. Indy REC uses peer recovery coaches to get folks connected to all kinds of support for housing, health, purpose and community.

Vice President of Recovery Programs and Advocacy, Mental Health America of Indiana
Director, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition

Visit Indy REC

When: Tues. Wed. Thurs. from 9am Р5pm

Where: 1431 N. Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 (Lower Level) 

As more and more people seek recovery, we need easily accessible resources. Indy REC helps provide support for people regardless of where they are in their recovery journey.