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Twelve Step Resources

Ultimate Guide to the Big Book (from

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) [Indianapolis AA]
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) [Indiana NA]
Alanon & Alateen
Gamblers Anonymous
Nicotine Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous [Indiana SAA]

V-Recover A virtual recovery web site support network based out of Bloomington, Indiana


Other Resources

Network of information and referral services that enables anyone in Indiana in need of human services to have quick referrals

Addiction Recovery Guide
Assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs

Addiction Treatment Resources from the Central Indiana Human Services Database (select “Addiction Treatment” category)
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, in partnership with Connect2Help, provides this database of area health and human services as a free service to the community. Connect2Help’s mission is to facilitate connections between people who need human services and those who provide them.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Resources – this article on “Lessons and Activities for Teaching Kids about Drug Abuse” has links to useful information, including Lesson Plans; Resources & Materials; Where to Get Help; Activities; Games & Quizzes; Continuing Education

Choices Inc.
A nonprofit corporation partnered with communities to provide care management and builds a network of resources into a system of care to change lives

Cognitive Recovery
Cognitive Recovery is a demonstrable program to recover from addiction. It can be used as a standalone system for addiction/alcoholism recovery or as a powerful, self-actualizing supplement to other programs, such as AA/NA.

Drug Free Marion County
Plans, promotes, implements and coordinates community efforts to prevent and reduce the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth and adults

FAVOR Online Guide to Mutual Aid Resources (Faces and Voices of Recovery)
Check out FAVOR’s new and updated Guide to Mutual Aid Resources featuring over 50 mutual aid groups. Find out about the many varieties of online and in-person mutual aid groups. A special thanks to the committee that has worked so hard to develop and maintain this resource.

Homeless and ReEntry Helpers, Inc
Utilizing today’s best information retrieval technology – the internet, Old Don is providing this web site for those who work with the homeless, and those either in, or out of, our jails/prison system with an information data base that lists both “Faith” and “Community Based” organizations (service providers), and businesses that offer various goods and services that help those in need. This is a FREE resource tool intended to Help “Our Helpers” and those persons reaching out for a better way of life for themselves and their families.

Map of Indianapolis Recovery Houses listed on the HRH website

Indiana Council on Problem Gambling
Strives to generate awareness, promote education and be an advocate for quality treatment of problem gamblers in the state of Indiana

Indiana Prevention Resource Center
The Indiana Prevention Resource Center was established in 1987 to assist Indiana based alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention practitioners improve the quality of their services. They work to bring together research and practice and thereby better ensure that Indiana’s residents receive state of the art prevention technology.

Indiana Reentry
The Indiana Reentry Database aims to be the primary source of information for all Reentry service inquiries in Indiana

Indiana Transitional Housing Shelters and Programs
A listing of Indiana transitional housing shelters and programs.

Keep Rx Safe
Created for parents, adults, and youth, KeepRxSafe presents information, data, and educational resources related to prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse.

Mental Health America
A nonprofit dedicated to helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives.

Recovery Orient Yourself is a website devoted to helping publicly highlight the recovery movements in Addictions and Mental Health. It is the goal of the project and products to establish a recognizable insignia that will promote the public awareness, understanding and recognition that Recovery Works

Features a wide range of resources and links, the latest research on addiction and treatment and personal stories of daily struggles and victories on the road to recovery

Volunteers of America of Indiana
Volunteers of America of Indiana helps youth at risk, elderly in need, abused and neglected children, people with disabilities, homeless individuals and many others.

(INARR) Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences

Start Your Recovery

Recovery Focused Social Networking Websites

In the Rooms
A social networking website, this resource is for everyone from those considering treatment to in people in recovery to family members and friends of those in recovery. This is a resource for people to make social connections to provide support and connectivity during times of success and challenge.

Addiction Tribe
This website is one of many types of “tribes” or groups of people that are all facing adversity together. Addiction Tribe allows for all of the same features as Facebook or Myspace but also has features such as “Find a therapist”, “Addiction News” and “Mental Health News”. Once a member, individuals can join other tribes on specific topics that may be of interest.

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