About us

The Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition (IAIC) comprises a group of individuals, organizations and community leaders from across the state of Indiana whom collectively facilitate recovery for those affected by addictive disorders. Addiction whether to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or involving other substances or actions, is a disease that can be effectively treated, allowing individuals and those around them to recover their lives. The Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition is broad-based, diverse, not-for-profit organization that advocates on behalf of people with addictive disorders. 

It is our mission to promote recovery through Advocacy, Education and Service.

We believe . . .

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a chronic disease
  • Treatment for SUD is effective and cost beneficial
  • Recovery resilience positively impacts families & communities, as well as individuals

We promise . . .

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Recovery forward

We promote . . .

  • Recovery Messaging
  • Multiple pathways to recovery
  • Peer recovery support services
  • Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) and Recovery Communty Centers (RCC)

Our Goals . . .

  • Facilitate public policy
  • Educate the recovery community to be advocates
  • Increase access to treatment
  • Humanize individuals with SUD
  • Improve access to: Health Insurance, Housing, Employment, Public Assistance
  • Educate the public that SUD is a healthcare issue not a criminal issue

The Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition is funded, in part, by a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction.