• IAIC Director worked with Georgetown Law’s O’Neill Institute to launch the inaugural Addiction Policy Scholars Program with leaders from around the country.
    The Addiction Policy Scholars Program is a one-year program that supports current and emerging leaders with personal, familial, and professional experiences with addiction and recovery as they develop and implement an original public policy reform project. Learn more
  • Beyond Substance Podcast
    The Beyond Substance podcast deepens the understanding of our listeners about substance use in Marion County, specifically the problems and solutions to address these issues and to highlight that there is hope and share what can be done to foster and support recovery in our community. Learn more
  • Harm Reduction Is Essential to U.S. Drug Policy (O’Neill Institute)
    Overdose deaths in the United States are rising at an alarming rate. While there is no question that the societal problems associated with substance use disorders are real and difficult, research has demonstrated that punitive approaches to addiction, which have led to the criminalization of whole generations of people, especially Black Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, only exacerbates the conditions that can lead to substance use and related harms. Learn more
  • COVID and SUD from Harvard law blog
    As coronavirus increasingly consumes our attention, as SUD clinical staff are reassigned to higher priority emergency services, and as health care facilities in crisis increasingly have to decide which dying patients will be prioritized, we need to be vigilant and protect all vulnerable populations from being further marginalized and ensure equitable treatment.  Learn more
  • First ever proposed 10% recovery set aside from President’s FY 2022 Budget proposal
    Third Horizon Strategies, in partnership with Capitol Decisions, hosted a webinar on July 19 to inform key stakeholders about the potential for a $350 million recovery set-aside in the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG). Learn more
  • Model law created by office of national drug control policy (executive office of president)
    The Model Syringe Services Program Act (Act) authorizes the establishment of comprehensive syringe services programs, which are associated with a decrease in bloodborne infectious disease diagnoses as well as the number of needlestick injuries to first responders and others. Learn more
  • Georgetown Law on how Opioid settlement funds can be used (White House counsel/ SAMHSA director/ IAIC direction)
    Experts in policy and advocacy discuss strategies for directing the incoming funding for substance use disorder prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction. Learn more