Treatment & Corrections

  • Mentoring Program to Help Inmates Transition
    Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Offers Mentoring Program to Help Inmates Transition to Life Upon Release. Read full article

National Initiatives

  • Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Jails and Prisons: A Planning and Implementation Toolkit
    Vital Strategies and the National Council for Behavioral Health have developed a toolkit to help jails and prisons implement and expand access to medications for opioid use disorder, such as methadone and buprenorphine, for incarcerated people struggling with opioid dependence. See the Toolkit
  • Medication-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Correctional Facilities: Factors Influencing the Enactment of Legislation
    This post addresses the factors that might influence whether legislation passes, including whether a state has a unified correctional system; whether funding is appropriated; and whether treating substance use disorder among incarcerated populations is a priority for the state executive. Read full post