• Opioid Litigation Summit Panel 2: How Settlement Funds Can Accelerate Addressing the Overdose Crisis and Spur Innovation
    Experts in policy and advocacy discuss strategies for directing the incoming funding for substance use disorder prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction. View Event
  • Maximizing the Impact of Opioid Litigatigation Settlements
    The U.S. is at a crucial juncture in the opioid epidemic: overdoses are claiming more lives than ever, and the influx of funding from government sources and settled cases is imminent. This project seeks to develop strategies that ensure that incoming funding supports evidence-based, effective treatment and prevention, as well as harm reduction efforts and recovery supports. Learn more
  • Model Expanded Access to Emergency Opioid Antagonists Act
    The goal of a model act should be to provide a template of suggested legislative provisions that can be followed efficiently and achieve the act’s stated purposes. To that end, the Model Expanded Access to Emergency Opioid Antagonists Act gives legislators and policymakers the means to implement mechanisms that increase the ability of citizens in every state to access and use emergency opioid antagonists to save lives. This Act is comprehensive and will enable an enacting jurisdiction to either completely replace any existing legislation on emergency opioid antagonists with this Act or simply use the sections that best address the needs of the state. Click here to read the full Model Expanded Access to Emergency Opioid Antagonists Act